Howdy folks,

If you're interested in 316 stainless steel knurled grips designed for use with Powerblock® brand dumbbells, then you've come to the right place. I'm not a reseller. I design, source, test, inspect, pack, ship and support every product that I sell. Each and every one of my products begins life as a modification to my personal dumbbells. Now you can order/pre-order my Grip Kits for your Powerblock dumbbells too.

I recommend taking a few minutes to browse all of the information on this website to properly set your expectations about the grips, prices, and the order/pre-order process. Whether you're here to browse my upcoming Grip Kits or place an order, thank you for stopping by.

Average Joe News & Updates

March 2023 Pre-Order Campaign Update

The ship carrying our grips docked in New York on Feb 27th. As of March 1st, the cargo was offloaded and the customs inspection/clearance process was underway. Now we're waiting for it to be released and scheduled for land freight up to Boston and then onward to me. Then I'll go through my usual inventory and inspection process, and finally contact all of you to let you know that I'm ready to begin shipping out orders. The timeline hasn't changed. It is still mid-to-late April. This timeline *could* change depending on any delays with land freight. Please keep that in mind.

Pre-order today to reserve a Grip Kit from this shipment before they begin selling out as they did last November. It's a minimum 50% deposit up-front, with the balance due when your kit is in-stock and ready to ship. A pre-order reservation is your best way to ensure that you get a shiny new pair of Average Joe stainless steel knurled grips from this shipment.

You can order in-stock kits or pre-order out-of-stock kits using the same order form, below. I will update this website with the latest photos (for example, the new 35mm grips) once the shipment arrives here.

Check back during the first week of April for the next update.

Local U.S.-Made Average Joe Grip Kits in 2023

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm always looking for ways to work more closely with my favorite local machine shop. They aren't the biggest shop, or the least expensive, but they do solid work, and they do right by me and my customers, and that matters to me. I've wanted to make grips locally since my first failed attempt in 2021 when too few fellow Bowflex dumbbell owners were willing to participate due to the high costs. So I'm fixing to give this a go with fellow Powerblock dumbbell owners. Here's the deal...

First, I simply don't have the resources to manufacture all nine of my grip type-size combinations in the States right out of the gate. So my plan is to focus on the most common and popular grip type and size first, and that's my 30mm Type A. If sales of the locally-made 30mm Type A go well enough, I'll gradually manufacture other sizes and types locally too.

Second, this isn't going to happen overnight. The shop needs to make a prototype, and right now they are up to their eyeballs with projects. Once they deliver a prototype, I'll snap some photos and launch a pre-order campaign. I hope to do that by the end of February. Manufacturing will not begin until we hit enough pre-orders. At the moment, I'm thinking 150 pre-orders. That could take days, weeks or months to gather that many pre-orders depending on the demand for U.S.-made Grip Kits. I hope that you'll spread the word and help make this happen.

Third, to keep costs down, local grips will be 304 stainless, not 316 like my overseas grips. What's the difference? Well, 304 is awesome and 316 is more awesome. Frankly, they're both excellent for use as dumbbell grips. Also, it is unlikely that I would have custom packaging made for these grips. It adds significant cost in the States without adding value for you. Grips will likely be bubble/paper wrapped and packaged in plain shipping boxes.

Fourth, if you pre-ordered a pair of my current 30mm Type A grips due to arrive in April, and you wish to switch to a locally made pair, you'll be able to do that and just pay the difference. Keep in mind that there is no timeline at the moment. The pre-order campaign hasn't even launched yet. I cannot promise that the first grips made locally will necessarily be available before those coming from overseas.

Last, but not least, if this goes well it'll mean having a local shop that can turn production around in days or weeks without the lengthy wait for shipments to arrive from overseas. I'll likely continue to produce grips overseas too and give you all the option of lower cost or locally manufactured grips. Speaking of cost, I expect to kick these off at about $160 + tax where applicable, shipped free in the States. That price does not include international shipping, duties or tax. More to come. I hope you'll stay tuned!

If you own Elite USA model dumbbells, please read this.

Newer grey plastic Elite USA dumbbells fit my Type B grips, and I discovered that older white plastic Elite USA dumbbells fit my Type C grips. These two versions of Elite USA Powerblocks are not interchangeable.

It appears that a small percentage of Powerblock dumbbells, including its premium U.S.-made Elite USAs, vary slightly from one handle to the next. These variations may affect the fit of your new Average Joe grips on one or both handles. If you are one of the few who install my grips and the fit seems a bit "off" on one or both handles, check out How to Adjust the Grip Fit of Powerblock® USA Elite Dumbbells (grey plastic) or How to Adjust the Grip Fit of Powerblock® USA Elite Dumbbells (white plastic).

Upcoming Videos for 2023

I decided to put myself on the hook to produce more videos this year. Last year, as the business grew, I found it pretty difficult to set aside time to make new video content. As a result, I'm way behind on topics and projects that I want to share with you all. So I need to make the time. Here's my list of videos for the weeks ahead:

  • Sneak peek at a couple potential Powerblock mods I've been working on.
  • Quick size comparison of my 30, 35 and 40mm Powerblock grip diameters
  • How to tweak the fit of Average Joe Type C grip kits on some older Powerblocks.
  • Snode AD80 handle tear down and comparison with AD28 and Nuobell (Late February)
  • Core dumbbell handle tear down and comparison to Snode and Nuobell.
  • How to (hopefully) non-destructively disassemble and reassemble Nuobell handles (and will I make replacement parts?)
  • Introduction to my new stainless steel 552S2 and 1090 Disc Fix Kits and a look back at how we got here.
  • Update about my weight plate upgrade project for the 552 and 1090. Will these ever see the light of day?
  • How to make knurled grips less aggressive at home with one simple hand tool.
  • How to tweak the fit of Average Joe Disc Fix Kits with shims.
  • Why some 552 Series 2 bases may need to be modified to fit Average Joe Dial Kits.

I hope you all will stay tuned!



What I think about my products doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what my customers think. Here are some of the customer comments that I've received over the past 2 years about my Average Joe upgrades for other brand dumbbells:

  • Tanner H, Canada

    Got the handles and installed them the other day, must admit, these were long overdue upgrades. Thanks again for putting together such an essential product for these dumbbells.
  • Sal R, USA

    Joe, Everything about this experience has been fantastic - you are a class act. Received the kit yesterday - installed in 30 min - used 1090 video as a guide - was a no-nonsense / straight forward process. Very impressed with this product - got my fingers crossed that you come up with a design for a complete Average Joe Dumbbell set. Wishing you and yours a happy and successful 2021.
  • Nick J, USA

    I have to say these new improvements are amazing! You're the real deal. Honestly great work!
  • Rob B, UK

    Wow, I'm so impressed. Great quality product and the best customer service I think I've ever received from any firm, big or small. Parts arrived today and your YouTube installation series made the upgrade really easy - once I'd found two 19mm ratchets...Thank you!
  • Peter H, Denmark

    Hi Joe i received the kit today...omg very quick delivery...🙏🏻 I have fitted the kit and the locking pins. And it just fits tweaking or anything. And the feel of the dumbbells are so much more tight without being too tight. I would recommend this to everyone who owns these dumbbells.
  • Justin S, USA

    You sold me on the aluminum discs. I'll have to buy another 8 from you to do the other dumbell. Didn't realize how much it made a difference. Even the dial spins smoother. You have it down to a science. Great product!
  • Scott M, USA

    I just wanted to tell you that I love the knurled grips! I am so glad that you invented all these upgrades to make my once useless dumbbells awesome and safe again. You are awesome and not at all average!
  • Todd F, USA

    I wanted to reach out and tell you I received everything and the installations was smooth. I followed your installation step by step! Thank you for this great upgrade. The plastic disc don't compare.
  • Morgan M, Mexico

    All set, the pieces have been installed and are looking/working great, thanks joe!
  • Ian P, USA

    I would like to say that this has been a great experience with your products. They shipped sooner than I expected and arrived sooner than I expected. The installation was straightforward and made even easier with your video instructions. Of course, the quality is superb. Thank you!
  • Brendan N, USA

    Received the disk kit promptly. Installation was a breeze. Everything works better than it did when new. Basically, another happy customer.
  • Ross H, USA

    Thanks for the fast shipping and great parts. I installed both pairs this weekend and they work great. Back to the full range of use again. Much appreciated!
  • Georgios V, Germany

    The order arrived yesterday and I have already installed the parts with the help of your video tutorials. It just worked, and the dumbbells feel a lot safer and more valuable now. You're doing a great job!
  • Den L, UK

    Just wanted to thank you so much for the 1090 upgrades. Absolutely brilliant - beautifully engineered components and the step-by-step videos made the whole process super easy. No adjustments or tweaking required and they operate far more quietly and smoothly with the upgrade installed. A great experience.
  • Mark G, USA

    Joe, just wanted to let you know that I received the parts and was able to install them quite easily. Your videos are superb. your attention to detail is perfect. I would have no hesitation in purchasing additional products from you. Keep up the good work.
  • John R, USA

    Thank you, much appreciated- the weights perform great and I am looking forward to future releases to enhance my experience.
  • Long N, USA

    Hey Joe, just started using these new knurls and I have to say. These are awesome! Keep up the great work!
  • Adam G, Canada

    Dude. There aren't enough words to convey how impressed I am with your products. I think it took a grand total of 35 mins from grabbing the tools from the garage to putting the tools away. It's apparent that a whole lot of time went into the R&D of these parts, and the fit and finish is better than OEM! The end result makes me one happy bastard!
  • Matt R, USA

    Hi Joe, Just wanted to follow up to tell you how awesome the new grips are! I just installed them and it was fairly straightforward, but it's a night and day difference. It's like I have a whole new dumbbell set! Thanks again!
  • Stefan M, Germany

    Dear Joe, just received the grips and installed them with the help of your video series. Was easy even though I’m an office worker.
AJI Grip Compatibility

Will Average Joe Grips fit my Powerblock® dumbbells?

Powerblock produced many versions of its dumbbells over the past 30 years with different types of grips. This pre-order campaign is for three of the most common types, for now.

I have personally tested and approved my grips for use with the USA Elite, Elite EXP, Sport 50, and Commercial Pro 125/175 dumbbells. With the help of customer photos and measurements, I have indirectly verified that my grips should fit a number of Sport 9.0, Sport EXP, U50/70/90, U125/175 (XXXL), Commercial Pro 50/90, Pro 50, Rexan Pro, Personal Trainer and Pro EXP models as well. No doubt there are other models out there that may also fit. My list of Powerblock models is by no means comprehensive.

Important: I ask that you please remove one of your dumbbell grips and compare it using the information provided below to see if yours match one of the 3 OEM types before submitting a pre-order request. Please do not automatically assume that your grips match without removing, visually comparing and/or measuring one to confirm it. Most Powerblock handles can be disassembled using a 5mm hex key. Some of the larger dumbbells require a 4mm hex as well.

If your grips match one of these 3 types, awesome! You'll be able to participate in this pre-order campaign!

What if my grips differ?

My grips don't match Types A, B or C. Now what?

All is not lost. Just because your grips don't match any of the 3 types in the previous section doesn't mean we can't get them manufactured. To manufacture grips I need two things:

  1. Information: I need to see your dumbbell model along with specific photos and dimensions (see the image below).This will enable me to design the grips and submit that design to the manufacturer to obtain cost estimates.
  2. Sufficient Demand: Meaning we'd need to spread the word. I'm virtually unknown in the Powerblock community and I don't have the bandwidth to adequately participate in the many online groups that discuss dumbbells. If enough people express interest in a pre-order for the required grip type, I'll run a future pre-order campaign for those as well.
Please understand that this isn't an overnight process. I'm typically designing and developing a handful of products in parallel, so it can take several months from start to finish for me to design, prototype, test, tweak, approve, manufacture and ship a new Kit.

If you would like your dumbbell model to be considered for future stainless knurled grips, I encourage you to contact me at to start the process.

Find the Right Grip Size

Which grip size is best for you?

Average Joe 316 stainless steel knurled grips are available in 30mm and 40mm diameters to replace Powerblock® OEM grips.

Important: As of June 1st, I decided to cancel the 54mm grips due to lack of interest. I plan to introduce a 35mm (1-3/8") grip for the second production run and I may introduce a 45mm (~1-3/4") grip in the future. For now, I'm diverting that capital to increase production of the more popular 30 and 40mm grips.

30mm Grip Kit (1.2")

30mm Grip Kit - $110/Kit

Solid 316 Stainless Steel construction, 1.2" (30mm) diameter. Weighs ~1.64lbs (0.74kg), and adds ~0.5lb (0.23kg) to each dumbbell depending on the model. Each Grip Kit contains two grips.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to addresses within the United States and any territories/APO/FPO/DPO served by USPS Priority Mail. Customers outside the U.S. please refer to Shipping Costs for more information. Price does not include Tax/VAT/Duties so please refer to that information as well.

NOTE: Average Joe 30mm grips compatible with OEM Type C (not shown) look virtually identical to Types A and B above as far as the overall style and knurl.

Place Your Order/Pre-Order Now

New! 35mm Grip Kit (1.4")

35mm Grip Kit - $120/Kit

Solid 316 Stainless Steel construction, 1.4" (35mm) diameter. Weighs ~xlbs (0.xkg), and adds ~0.xlb (0.xkg) to each dumbbell depending on the model. Each Grip Kit contains two grips.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to addresses within the United States and any territories/APO/FPO/DPO served by USPS Priority Mail. Customers outside the U.S. please refer to Shipping Costs for more information. Price does not include Tax/VAT/Duties so please refer to that information as well.


Place Your Pre-Order Now

40mm Grip Kit (1.6")

40mm Grip Kit - $130/Kit

Solid 316 Stainless Steel construction, 1.6" (40mm) diameter. Weighs ~2.61lbs (1.18kgs), and adds ~1.5lbs (0.68kgs) to each dumbbell depending on the model. Each Grip Kit contains two grips.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to addresses within the United States and any territories/APO/FPO/DPO served by USPS Priority Mail. Customers outside the U.S. please refer to Shipping Costs for more information. Price does not include Tax/VAT/Duties so please refer to that information as well.

NOTE: Average Joe 40mm grips compatible with OEM Type C (not shown) look virtually identical to Types A and B above as far as the overall style and knurl.

Place Your Order/Pre-Order Now

Submit an Order Request

Submit an Order Request

Now that you've identified the best Average Joe Grip Kit for your Powerblock® model, training preferences, and budget, click the link below to fill out your order request. If the grips that you want are not currently in stock, then they are available by pre-order. You will be required to accept the terms & conditions shown on the order/pre-order request form.

Please read the terms thoroughly, and send an email to me with any questions you may have before accepting those terms.

For Orders: Once you submit your order, you will receive a Paypal invoice within 24-48 hours. Payment by Venmo and Revolut is also available. Grip Kits generally ship within 1-2 business days of payment.

For Pre-orders: Once you submit your pre-order request, you will receive an invoice by email within about 24-48 hours unless I need to email you first with questions to clarify your pre-order. Your invoice deposit payment secures your pre-order reservation. Then you'll join us in waiting for inventory to arrive in the Spring of 2023.

Participating in the pre-order campaign locks-in the pre-order pricing. If you choose to wait until the Spring to place a Grip Kit order, I cannot guarantee the availability of any Kits, nor the Kit prices at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: On occasion, email invoices either get caught in spam filters, or don't arrive at all. If you haven't received an invoice within 2 days of submitting your request, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, send me an email to let me know so that I may resend the invoice to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pre-order?

Submit a pre-order request. Once you submit your pre-order request, I will receive an email notification of your request. I will then either email you with questions to clarify your pre-order or email an invoice to you for payment. A 50% minimum deposit is required up-front. Any remaining balance will be due once your Grip Kit(s) are in-house and ready to ship. Once your deposit is received, I will add you to the pre-order reservations list.

PLEASE NOTE: On occasion, email invoices either get caught in spam filters, or don't arrive at all. If you haven't received an invoice within 3 days of submitting your request, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, send an email to let me know so that I may resend it to you.

How do I know this is legit?

It's not my first rodeo. For the past three years, I've been designing, manufacturing, and delivering custom dumbbell upgrades compatible with BowFlex® brand dumbbells. I managed three successful pre-order campaigns, one each in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The current 2023 campaign is my second for Grip Kits compatible with Powerblock® dumbbells.

I encourage you to check out my Facebook page, Instagram account, and Youtube channel to read what customers have written about me and my upgrade kits. Alternatively, you can always wait until April to find out if any kits remain after pre-orders have shipped.

How long has AJI been around?

Average Joe Innovations, LLC was founded in mid-2020. But it began life in early 2018/2019 as a personal project to fix some of my broken and unsafe dumbbells rather than throw them out. As luck would have it, a wave of unanticipated interest in my first 2019 Bowflex® "dumbbell fix" video on YouTube led to a demand for dumbbell fixes and the company's formation.

Are these quality grips?

There's a reason I use the tagline "Better than OEM." Ever since the day that I designed my first fix for some of my Bowflex® brand dumbbells, my focus has been on creating parts superior to OEM in every way. Heck, my Grip Kits are better than anything else on the market.

I'm not some reseller dropshipping parts I didn't design, from a manufacturer I've never seen, for equipment I've never actually used.

I begin with original OEM-compatible designs. I select the best materials I can reasonably afford. I deal directly with the owners of the shops who make my parts. I don't deal with go-betweens. And my kits are installed and used on my dumbbells long before I make them available to anyone else. So, yes, my grips are quality parts that I trust from day one.

Why use 316 stainless steel?

Hands down it is the best material for this application. It isn't the least expensive, but it's the best while still remaining reasonably affordable. Average Joe 316 stainless steel grips are not plated. They are left exactly how they were machined. Stainless provides beauty, corrosion resistance and low maintenance that cheap coated steels simply cannot match. No rusting, peeling or pitting. With minimal proper care, Average Joe grips will look as good 20 years from now as they do today.

How do Average Joe knurled grips compare to Powerblock grips that are now sold separately?

Try my grips side-by-side with Powerblock knurled grips. There is no comparison. In fact, several of my current customers own Powerblock's premium-priced Commercial Pro Series that shipped with Powerblock's knurled steel grips. They disliked the OEM knurled grips so much that they invested in two pairs each of mine to replace them. Here's how my knurled grips compare to Powerblocks's:

  • Powerblock uses cheap coated/chrome steel versus Average Joe premium 316 stainless steel
  • Powerblock chose to use an inexpensive simple cylindrical design because it costs less to fabricate, versus Average Joe grips designed and contoured to look Better than OEM
  • Powerblock's relatively passive coated knurl lacks "bite" versus Average Joe uncoated knurling that ranging from medium to aggressive.
  • Powerblock advertises one size, 1.25" (~32mm), versus Average Joe grips available in 3 sizes: 30mm (1.2"), 35mm (1.4") and 40mm (1.6").
  • Powerblock currently charges $99 + shipping (~$20 to me in NH), while Average Joe grips are currently $110 (30mm), $120 (35mm) and $130 (40mm) shipped free in the States (outside the U.S., provide an address for a shippping quote).
Simply put, I deliver a significantly better grip and at a better price than Powerblock for its own dumbbells.

What is the knurling like on these grips?

The short answer is that Average Joe grip knurling falls somewhere between "volcano" and "mountain." The challenge is that there is no single universally accepted standard. Knurling is highly subjective and more art than science. Even the folks at Rogue Fitness® describe it as "more a beer tasting process than an exact measurement."

Aggressive-passive. Fine-coarse. Hill-Volcano-Mountain. Coated-uncoated. Different grades of steel, knurl parameters, finishes and coatings influence the final feel of knurling experienced by users. As a result, no two manufacturer's grips/bars have an identical feel despite being characterized as a specific type of knurl. The following is a bit more detail about how I approach knurling.

Last year, out of the thousand-plus pairs of knurled grips from my first production run for Bowflex 552 and 1090 dumbbells and several hundred pairs for Powerblock in my second production run, a percentge leaned toward "volcano" knurl and the rest leaned more toward "mountain".

There is always some variation during manufacturing based on the tolerances specified. I ask the manufacturer to never waste any parts if the knurl is a little more/less aggressive than what I specified. Instead, I have all of the grips shipped to me. I inspect each grip, separate them into groups, and create pairs with similar knurling. If customers express a preference for something a little more or less aggressive, I do my best to fulfill their preferences.

This has proven to be very effective. Out of all the grips I've shipped to date, fewer than 6 customers have requested a swap-out for something more or less aggressive, and I managed to find a pair with a knurl that worked well for all but one of them.

Here's a trio of photos taken directly from some of my grips in the November 2022 shipment:

Does Average Joe ship internationally?

Yes, as long as your country is not currently on any export restriction list and service is available from DHL, UPS, or USPS. Average Joe Innovations now has customers all over the world, from Brazil, Columbia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain, to Abu Dhabi, Australia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Dubai, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and more.

When you fill out the pre-order request form, I will respond with an invoice that includes the shipping cost based on your address. I will also let you know if there is a slower or faster service available for more/or less.

How much is shipping?

U.S. Customers: FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping to addresses within the United States and any territories/APO/FPO/DPO served by USPS Priority Mail.

International Customers: For customers outside the U.S., shipping is calculated based on several factors, including the package size, weight, service level, insurance and destination.

What about tax/VAT/duties?

U.S. Customers: Your State & Local sales/use tax may be added to your invoice when applicable. That occurs once I exceed your State's minimum sales volume in dollars or number of transactions within a fiscal year.

International Customers: Your invoice will not include duties or VAT. You will be responsible for paying your country’s VAT/duties during the import process. Typically, the appropriate agency will contact you with the fees due based on current trade policies. Please keep this in mind so that you aren’t taken by surprise later.

How should I stay informed?

I will continue to use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, this website, and my email list notifications at least once per month to keep everyone informed. Average Joe Innovations, LLC is still basically a one-person operation. I design, source, test, inspect, package, sell, ship, and support my products. I don't and won't have the bandwidth to reply to you all individually in a timely fashion if I begin receiving hundreds of individual requests for a pre-order update. I respectfully ask that you please refer/subscribe to the previously mentioned sources for the latest news and information.

What if I want to exchange Grip Kit sizes

If you receive a Grip Kit and decide that you'd rather exchange it for the next size up or down, you will be responsible for round-trip shipping to exchange the Grip Kits. In addition, you will receive either a credit or an additional charge based on the price difference between the two Grip Kits.

Note that I may not have the Grip Kit size that you want in-stock to proceed with an exchange. It depends on the level of demand for this inaugural production run, and how many kits remain. Once these Grip Kits become part of AJI's regular inventory in 2023, an exchange should be straightforward.

What if I want to cancel my pre-order?

You may cancel your pre-order according to the Terms found on the Pre-Order Request Form

When will I receive a reply?

At the moment, AJI is still primarily a one-person operation. I handle everything from research, development, part sourcing, testing, and quality assurance to invoicing, packaging, shipping, and pre-/post-sales customer support. All of this, in addition to my "day job." So I squeeze in email replies whenever I can.

Generally speaking, I do my best to reply to customer inquiries and orders within 24 hours. However, it is not uncommon for me to reply after 48-72 hours depending on the volume of inquiries and other tasks on my plate. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I grow AJI to the point of being able to hire other folks to help out.

If you have not received an invoice or reply after 48 hours, please don't hesitate to follow up with me by email:

Is AJI affiliated with Powerblock®?

No. Powerblock® is a trademark and property of Powerblock, Inc. The company is not involved with the development, marketing, or sales of Average Joe Innovations product upgrades. It is not affiliated with AJI in any way, and Average Joe product fixes and upgrades are in no way endorsed by Powerblock.

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Milford, NH 03055

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